The Story of a Unique Business Concept

Ib Andresen Industri is the story of a successful entrepreneur in modern industrial society. Civil engineer Ib Andresen purposefully developed his technical expertise and his business acumen, culminating with the founding of the company Ib Andresen Industri in 1967.

From a few hundred to a hundred thousand square metres

Our company’s field of business was then – as it is today – the processing of steel and other metals. We were a supplier then – and still are today. The company began with four employees and a few hundred square metres of premises. Today, more than 600 employees have the use of more than 100,000 m².


We grew continually in the meantime. A few years after our founding, we incorporated the coil concept, which today comprises the business area for our Steel Service Centres. Our expertise in steel processing solutions has been continuously enlarged over the years to include processes such as roll forming, laser cutting, punching, etc.

Focusing on resources and staff commitment

More and more companies are coming to realise that their employees are the key to increased productivity and competitiveness. Our management has always given high priority to instilling a sense of commitment and involvement in our employees. And we still do.


Through closely collaborating with some of Europe’s leading companies, we have grown into an international supplier.


We are still family-owned to this very day.