Our Values

Our values are reflected in our culture. These values are expressed on a daily basis through our actions and conducts and are therefore deeply embedded in our identity.

Trust and<br> Respect

Trust and

We base our collaboration on trust and respect. We treat everyone – customers, suppliers and colleagues – as we want them to treat us.

Our business partners must be able to trust us in every respect – particularly in our role as a “supplier and nothing else”.

Innovation and<br> Development

Innovation and

To secure the best solutions for our customers, we make a targeted effort to ensure that we remain one of the best in every field in which we specialise.

Therefore, we use and develop our creativity and innovative capacity in an environment where the ability to see new possibilities and the willingness to utilise them is appreciated.

Commitment and<br> Responsibility

Commitment and

We are aware of the fact that a shared commitment develops the company and creates the most value in our everyday work.

We understand, acknowledge and fulfil our shared and individual responsibilities – and we are here because we are passionate about what we do.

Growth and<br> Profitability

Growth and

We endeavour to ensure that each business transaction and investment – financial, technological and human – is profitable so that it contributes to growth and continued independence.

Good earnings are a means for developing the company.