• Bending


We bend simpel and complex components in steel and metal as per our customers' specifications.


Our customers can utilize our comprehensive expertise and experience when buying bending solutions. This insures a finished product of the highest quality. 


We use advanced robotics and experienced operators when bending steel.

Material thickness

max. 40 mm


max. 14.400 mm

Press power

max. 1.400 t



Ib Andresen Industri offers bending of small and big workpieces in steel and metal.


We can bend workpieces of up to 14,4 meters, which very few other european suppliers of steel processing can do.

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What is bending?

Bending is a technique used to bend and process plates in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and metal. The plates are bend in a press brake.

Each press brake is equipped with a range of interchangeable tools, that each have different abilities to shape the product.

The steel can be bend multiple times to achieve the desired end result.

The plates are usually processed before being bend. Eg. different punching patterns and cuts, for which we use laser cutting and punching.


What is bending used for?

Bending is typically used for products invovlved with corn silos, tipping trailers for trucks, internals in the wind mill industry and as facades on buildings.

In other words, bending is useful for a wide range of different steel and metal solutions.

The final results are complicated and unique steel components, which can be incorporated directly in your assemly line or used on-site.

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