For a number of years, we have been working together with interns and students who are writing their theses for all manner of study programmes. Obviously, we take a pride in this because we know how important and enriching it is for you, as a student, to have the opportunity to put your theories to the test in practice. Conversely, it is enriching for us as a company to get new ideas and knowledge.


You will be involved in current projects and challenges in a large company. So please do not hesitate to send us an application. Whether you send an unsolicited application or are responding to one of our ads is of no consequence. We process every application professionally.


When we are looking for students, it will be posted here and on LinkedIn.


We are not looking for students at this time.


All applications should be sent to our HR Department.


As the need for students varies, your chances of working with us will also depend on how good you are at selling your study programme.


This list shows just some of the many lines of study we have had here in our company:


  • Manufacturing Engineering and Management

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Global Management Manufacturing

  • Marine engineers

  • Manufacturing technologists

  • Metalworkers

  • Plant operators

  • Office trainees

  • MSc in Economics and Business Administration

  • Electricians

  • Computer scientists