How to Apply

At Ib Andresen Industri, we take a structured approach to our recruitment process, but, just as no two applicants are alike, there may also be individual differences in the way we deal with recruitment.


Job postings

Job postings are listed on our website under Job Vacancies. In addition, we advertise on various online job sites and LinkedIn.


In each job posting, you will be able to find the contact information for the employing supervisor, whom you are welcome to contact for further details about the job.



Your application must state the reasons for applying and tell us what you have to contribute in relation to the position and description in our job posting. Your application must include your CV.


Please remember to let us see something of your personality in your application. After all, we are hiring the whole person – not just your technical skills.


When you apply for a job with Ib Andresen Industri, you are guaranteed complete discretion as a matter of course.


After submitting your application to us, you will receive confirmation by e-mail.



If we invite you to a job interview, we expect you to have done a little research about us beforehand. One of the ways you can do this is by visiting our website, Googling us and – if you know someone who works here – asking him or her about what it is like to work for us.


We hold one or two rounds of interviews, depending on the position, and we test everyone before employment, if relevant. We do this to ensure a good match – you as an employee and Ib Andresen Industri as an employer – to enable us to maximise the synergy in our future collaboration.