• ELME Spreader

    ELME Spreader

Close, trusting collaboration makes the stocking, manu- facture and delivery of goods more flexible


Most companies aim to free up in-house resources so they can be applied to precisely what the company does best. This is also true of ELME. They manufacture top-quality container handling systems that are used all over the world.


ELME’s challenge was to establish a set-up with a supplier functioning as an indispensable extension of their production unit.


This type of set-up is our strength as a supplier, which makes us a perfect match.


Flexibility is crucial
Ongoing communication and trust are prerequisites for having a flexible set-up that gets the sort of results our cooperation does.


Based on ELME’s sales forecasts, we order a given volume of steel coils for our stocks. The coils are here, ready to be cut, bevelled and bent precisely when ELME needs them. Once the steel sections have been processed and formed, we deliver them fit-to-line and just in time.


We maintain full transparency throughout the process – from stocking to delivery – so ELME knows how its order is progressing at all times.


During our ongoing communication, we also discuss design to ensure that we create the smartest value-creating solution.


Thanks to working with us, ELME has reduced its buffer stock from six to two weeks.