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MHI Vestas Offshore Wind creates the world’s most powerful turbine

The world’s most powerful wind turbine – the V164-8.0 MW – was created by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind with the aim of contributing to a greener world driven by renewable energy.


The V164-8.0 MW can produce power for 9,000 homes and holds the world record for generating the most power in one day. These results have been achieved by adopting an innovative approach, which is an inherent part of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s DNA.


Producing such a large and powerful wind turbine also places high demands on external suppliers in terms of creativity, innovative thinking, the approach to logistics and a high level of service, in order to ensure the best possible overall economy for the project as a whole. In this regard we have repeatedly shown that we are the right choice.


The initial prototype phase placed part high demands on suppliers, as did a pre-series production for something as prestigious as the wind turbine. Minor adjustments and adaptations are constantly being introduced, and will ultimately result in the best output – the world’s most powerful wind turbine.


How we help MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

We supplied the skeleton for the wind turbine’s Power Converter Model – a 12 metre high steel structure installed at a height of 12 metres in the 100 metre tall wind turbine tower.


Among other things, this skeleton will house the wind turbine's transformer. The transformer ensures that the power generated by the wind turbine can be transformed into alternating current that end users can use in households or workplaces It weighs up to 25 tonnes.


Electrical cabinets, cables, cooling units, etc. will also be installed. Once everything has been assembled, the structure will weigh around 60 tonnes. Of which our steel structure accounts for a considerable proportion.


During creation of the skeleton, we were involved in continuous discussions with MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, where we contributed our extensive knowledge of steel solutions and options.


Together with our innovative approach, this allows us to quickly implement any subsequent changes into our documentation and put it into production.  Our setup allows this to be done on time and without compromising on quality.


We process the steel sections that make up the steel structure in our large, advanced machinery plant. We also subject our network of external suppliers to the very strict requirements for welding and surface treatment before delivery.


Our logistics concept, which is tailored to the needs of MHI Vestas Offshore Winds, allows them to stay focused on what they are best at – creating the green energy of the future.