• Per Aarsleff

    Robert Attermann/BaneDanmark

A story about towers, suspension systems and overhead wires for Denmark’s railway electrification – for the benefit of Danish rail travellers

Denmark must develop its railway network if it wants to make Danish trains faster and more reliable. Electrification makes it possible to achieve the goal of having faster, more reliable trains.


The joint venture Siemens A/S, and Per Aarsleff A/S is set to take care of the electrification project. For this project, 21,000 towers with suspension systems will be erected and overhead wires will be suspended between them.


While the work is in progress, it will be important to minimise the impact on railway operations so that rail travellers do not have to face delays. This is a big challenge, as it involves nine railway sections totalling 1,300 kilometres. Accordingly, the railway will close off one section at a time on dual-track stretches between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am while the work is in progress.


During this period, the towers, suspension systems and attachment components have to be ready on site.


How we help Per Aarsleff A/S

We make sure that the project’s towers and suspension systems are ready when needed. The collaboration is based on an agile set-up, which is essential for this to succeed.


We function both as a logistics centre – because we assemble towers, suspension systems and their associated components – and a production unit with a brand-new robotic welder which, together with our skilled employees, handles the welding for the towers at our new robotic welding cell in Langeskov.


Before distribution, we pack specific assembly kits containing the exact number of towers, suspension units and components which the consortium needs on a given railway section. Our central location in Denmark is an advantage in this logistical jigsaw puzzle.