• Aalborg CSP

Pioneering Solar Heat

Aalborg CSP is building the solar thermal facility of tomorrow for the utility company Brønderslev Forsyning.

It is important for us to have reliable partners who are experts in their field.

Ib Andresen Industri’s wide-ranging knowledge of steel makes it capable of delivering top-quality steel at the time agreed.

Per Aasted
Sales and Project Engineer, Aalborg CSP

Heating supply of the future

Brønderslev Forsyning wants to make the heating of tomorrow more energy efficient, without prohibitively high costs for the consumer. This requires, among other things, that the supply of heat is more flexible, and thus less vulnerable to fluctuating energy costs.


Aalborg CSP was initially chosen to supply a pilot plant for parabolic troughs. The results were so good that the company was subsequently asked to deliver 400 more troughs.


The pioneering aspect of the system is that it supplies thermal energy, which can be converted into both electricity and heat.


A smarter steel solution

Since the delivery of the pilot plant, we have engaged in dialogue with Aalborg CSP to optimise the steel solution. Among other things, this enabled us to reduce the number of support arms from 16 to 10.


In order for the parabolic troughs to function at their best, the reflectors must be positioned to ensure that the solar rays are reflected and concentrated on an absorber tube filled with heat-transfer fluid. We will supply the steel body with support arms, which keep the reflectors and absorber tube in place.


In addition to development, our collaboration is set up so that we are responsible for procuring, processing (including laser cutting), forming (roll forming and edge bending) the steel, as well as quality management and on-site delivery.