Future Industry

Together with LINAK, we are setting the standard for future collaboration models and industrial production in Denmark.

We have the same consistent understanding and approach to our tasks as Ib Andresen Industri.

The synergy this creates makes it good business to use Ib Andresen Industri.

Finn Lausten
Purchase Manager for the Deskline Division at LINAK

High requirements raise the standard

LINAK is extremely demanding on itself and its subcontractors in its constant endeavours to produce height adjustable furniture, which manifests its position as the market leader. Quality is crucial to these efforts. It is a cornerstone of LINAK’s global success.


Raising an already high standard demands enthusiasm and accountability from everyone involved.


Locally embedded collaboration is a big asset in these endeavours. Production outsourced to Eastern Europe cannot compete with the synergy this brings into play.


How do we keep industrial production in Denmark?

We have created a unique partnership with LINAK: It is unique because our consistent approach to our tasks and our understanding of quality create synergies across the board in the way our two companies work together.


Ongoing dialogue and close collaboration have resulted in a situation where we – as an extended production unit for LINAK – are now manufacturing two additional inline columns for their height adjustable desks.


The result is a better looking, more uniform and high-quality product than LINAK previously obtained from Eastern Europe.


Good relationships are crucial for the future of industrial production in Denmark. Our collaboration demonstrates that we fully understand this.


In addition, our collaboration has other positive effects such as keeping jobs in Denmark, and working with us is better for the environment than outsourcing production to Eastern Europe.