• SiteCover

Non-stop Construction

By teaming up with SiteCover, we make it easier to protect construction projects against the elements.

Ib Andresen Industri helped us mature some of the steel components, so we could reduce structural welds and simplify the manufacturing process.

Jacob Maintz
Co-founder, SiteCover

The challenges of new construction projects

At the beginning of a construction project, the elements are always an unknown factor. They can frequently cause construction stoppages until the weather becomes more hospitable for working once again.


How can construction stoppages be reduced?

SiteCover has developed a solution to this with support from Realdania and the Danish Market Development Fund. They designed a structure that closely resembles a gigantic tent. The enormous size of the structure enables it to protect construction projects from bad weather.


We supply 14.4-metre-long edge-bent steel sections that are bolted together and joined in series. After set-up, they constitute the structural skeleton. The skeleton is so strong that a developer can mount up to two travelling cranes on it, instead of using ordinary tower cranes.