• Skandinaviska Glassystem

The Sandwich concept is the future

Steel is an integral part of the stylish, energy-efficient glass facades from Skandinaviska Glassystem.

Ib Andresen Industri’s capabilities in steel and steel processing have been a big help in the implementation of our energy-efficient Sandwich concept.

They understand what a company of our calibre needs. This gives us peace of mind.

Franck Prinds
Project Manager at Skandinavisk Glassystem

Stylish facade modules

Skandinaviska Glassystem produces energy-efficient facades, particularly focusing on glass and energy-optimised curtain-wall systems for prestigious building projects all over the world.


The company’s innovative, highly insulating Sandwich concept saves builders lots of installation time, as the concept is designed for quick and easy on-site installation.


The modules are prefabricated at Skandinaviska Glassystem, the advantage being that they can be integrated into the facade style that the architect and developer are aiming for.


Steel – a lasting solution

We manufacture and supply the steel components which Skandinaviska Glass mounts in its prefabricated facade modules. The steel components must keep the window panes in place.


Services used: R&D, ordering of steel, punching, laser cutting, bending and just-in-time delivery