• Specialkarosser AB

Stainless steel solutions

Steelworking skills, communication and shared values are the prerequisites for valuable cooperation.

As part of our work to make continuous improvements, thus ensuring better and more efficient production, we look for quality suppliers with high levels of expertise.

Ib Andresen Industri meet these criteria.

Over a long partnership, they have proven themselves able to meet our high expectations.

We are a family business, just like Ib Andresen Industri, and we share many of the same values – quality and looking to the future.

Mikael Rasmusson
Purchasing Manager at Specialkarosser AB

The Swedish company Specialkarosser AB (SKAB) is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of custom special trailers. They maintain their position by focusing on more efficient production management without compromising on the quality of the finished trailers.


The trailers are produced via a sandwich concept. Our steel solutions, which are adapted for this, and our agile approach help SKAB to succeed in what they do.


Quality-assured stainless steel solutions

A dynamic and flexible production setup, which also includes coil warehousing and logistics, has the desired effect on SKAB’s own setup. Communication and common values are a prerequisite for a successful partnership.


The steel itself is machined at short notice – day to day. The steel machining includes bending and shearing.


We deliver the finished components fit to line and just in time.


The steel components are fully traceable throughout the process, from warehousing to delivery. This means that SKAB can keep track of how much they have in stock and how far along in the process the machined steel is.


Through this partnership, SKAB have reduced their buffer capacity from eight to two weeks.