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Quality Steel Solutions for the Construction Industry

We supply steel solutions to the construction industry based on a flexible set-up where just in time, on-site delivery is a matter of course.


For decades, our range of machinery has manufactured structural steel, façades and complete structures, and we have supplied mounting kits to construction projects where logistics are crucial.


Our knowhow enables us to advise you on the type of steel and metal that best suits your current project in terms of functionality, structure and design.


We are certified according to EN 1090 EXC. 3 (steel and aluminium).


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Large-scale construction projects are characterised by tight deadlines, high quality requirements and the need for project-specific steel solutions. In collaboration with the industry heavyweights, we have created an agile set-up where we focus on your value chain.


We deliver more than steel: we provide total, flexible solutions that create value all the way to the construction sites. We can also deliver complete mounting kits. We do this for customers such as Per Aarsleff A/S, which you can read more about under Cases.


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We are ready to put together the solution that will maximise value for you.