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Steel Solutions for Solar Projects Worldwide

We supply the steel profiles and components for mounting systems for large-scale solar projects all over the world. In totale we have supplied  a combined weight of 100,000 tonnes of processed steel and metal since 2010.


As the industry’s preferred supplier, we are with you from start to finish, and we know your needs and requirements. We understand your value chain, and we know where we can make a difference.


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Smart steel solutions are essential in an industry where one solar project quickly leads to another. Collaboration and short lead times without compromising on quality are a matter of course as we jointly create tomorrow’s steel solutions for a greener, more solar-powered world.


We specialise in processing and shaping of steel, but our focus extends beyond this. We participate in the entire process, from the sourcing of materials through manufacturing to on-site delivery.


We provide quality management and traceability thorough the entire product chain from steelworks to delivery. Under Cases, you can read about our collaboration with Aalborg CSP and other companies.


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