Bluetop Solar Parking in Aarhus is sending its new solar cell carports to Germany, specifically to Daimler AG and Mercedes Benz Werke in Hamburg.


We heard from one of our new German distributors that Mercedes had been evaluating various alternative solar-cell carports for quite some time, without reaching a conclusion,” explains Ole Gregersen, Director, Bluetop, adding:


As we have developed a solution with new qualities over the past year, it seemed obvious to test their interest. Needless to say, this order not only opens the door to the Daimler Group, but also serves as a reference for other markets. We will deliver complete car parks, but electric cars and solar cell carports are naturally an interesting combination.


Danish production pays

After delivering solar-cell carports for Tesla’s start-up in the UK in 2014, Bluetop came in contact with Ib Andresen Industri. This resulted in a strategic collaboration and the development of a new structure with an unsupported span of up to 15 metres, which can provide cover for up to six cars between the posts.