If there is a fire in the neighbouring area, Thomas Christiansen is ready to act. No matter if he is occupied of his work within the steel industry or is enjoying his leisure time with the family.


I am pleased to be a firefighter. It was actually a boyhood dream coming true and I feel that it means something to me to be able to help in emergency situations. And it is perfect to be able to combine it with my work and family life”, Thomas Christiansen says.


For Thomas Christiansen, the daily work in the Steel service center at Ib Andresen Industri consists in performing quality assurance on packages containing steel sheets or steel strips, while the family life consists of Thomas Christiansen’s wife and two children.


Enjoying great support

The support has been great from day one, Thomas Christiansen recollects. When he told his then manager about his desire of becoming a part-time firefighter and the influence it could have on his work, the manager replied that – if his luck ran out – he would like Thomas Christiansen to put out fires in his house. And the support has been there ever since.


I enjoy the great support from the company. Last year (2018), IAI in Langeskov provided ground for a big emergency practice where we gathered 23 firefighters and simulated a car accident and a fire in an industrial building involving 10 extras”.


The purpose of the emergency practice was to strengthen the cooperation between firefighters from Falck Langeskov (the emergency service in Langeskov) and the part-time force from Beredskab Fyn (the Funen fire brigade) in Odense.


A recent emergency call-out was somewhat particular for Thomas Christiansen. “It was a bit peculiar, as I was in the middle of an important task at a line where two of our managing directors happened to attend. I was out of curiosity asked whereto I was called. To their surprise, I replied ‘Ib Andresen Industri’”.


The role of being an ambassador

It is no secret that Denmark needs more part-time firefighters. Therefore, Blivbrandmandnu.dk (a homepage called “Become a firefighter now”) has appointed 10 ambassadors, who through social medias are to tell that it is possible to combine work and family life with being a part-time firefighter.


Thomas Christiansen is one of the 10 ambassadors. This means that every fifth week, he is responsible to share videos and pictures from his everyday life as a part-time firefighter – at work, at home with the family, or in action.


The ambassador initiative will hopefully arouse people’s interests while paving the way for more companies to make it possible for their employees to be disposal in emergencies”, Thomas Christiansen rounds off.