The Funen supplier of steel solutions has been commissioned to supply many tonnes of machined steel to MetNord JV (joint venture between Züblin and Hochtief), which is the turnkey contractor for the tunnel project in Nordhavnen.


“The agreement with MetNord once again shows that we are a preferred partner for the construction industry’s major contractors – something we’re proud of,” begins Søren Eriksen, Sales Manager, Ib Andresen Industri.


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“The agreement arose from a dialogue where we discussed changes with the customer and presented proposals for how to improve the structural design. This – together with our customised set-up, in which we handle project management, production, logistics, etc. – is what made us an attractive partner for MetNord.”


As regards the cooperation, Jens Kjeldsen, Project Manager, MetNord JV, says: “We’re pleased with our collaboration with Ib Andresen Industri. We were actually surprised to find that there is a supplier in Denmark who could competitively process the order. Having the steel processed at Ib Andresen Industri meets our need for flexibility and reliability of supply, rather than having to partner with a company abroad that has longer lead times. It also satisfies our preference for large-scale consignments.”


Structural adaptation

Besides flexibility and reliability of supply, Jens Kjeldsen also cites the dialogue related to the structural design of the emergency walkway: “We’re engaged in dynamic dialogue. It all began when we started looking into the possibility of optimising the actual structure based on IAI’s production machinery – and this resulted in design changes.”


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As regards the changes, Arne Kryger, R&D Manager, Ib Andresen Industri, says:

“We reduced the number of item numbers by almost half and substantially reduced the number of welds on the structure, both of which shorten lead times and speed up on-site installation. And during the simplification process, we’ve also focused on ‘design for manufacturing’, so the components match our production set-up.”


Allan Pedersen, Project Manager, Ib Andresen Industri, agrees, adding, “All these optimisation measures create value for MetNord, which makes us competitive with low-wage countries.”


“Besides that, we’ve put together a dedicated team who know the project. This means that MetNord knows who they are talking to on a day-to-day basis, and they’re never uncertain about whether the people they’re talking to are familiar with the project, because they are.”


The emergency walkways have to be erected inside the two bored tunnels, a total length of 3,350 metres. The walkways will typically be used for maintenance work in the Metro, but – as the name suggests – also in case of emergencies.


The many tonnes of machined steel will primarily be laser-cut, bent, hot-dip galvanised and semi-assembled. The steel consignments will be delivered in assembly kits where all the components are included, enabling the customer to start assembling the structures on site immediately after delivery.  


Photo: Jens Kjeldsen (left), Vasileios Salamalikis (both MetNord JV), Allan Pedersen og Søren Eriksen (right) (both Ib Andresen Industri).