“We’ve been working to develop our profile in order to tell the market about the unique benefits of working with us. We’ve finalised the new concept and we’re excited to launch it,” says CEO Bjørn Thorsen, and continues:


“The essence of the concept is to recognise and celebrate our customers’ ideas while bringing our expertise in steel into play to realise their ideas and solutions. The new concept helps us achieve this.”


Ib Andresen Industri especially wants to promote our unique approach to steel and our unrivalled setup in Denmark. 


Steel shaped for great ideas

The concept has resulted in a new logo, which can be summarised in one sentence that explains who we are and what we have to offer: Steel shaped for great ideas. 


“The slogan hits the nail on the head, because it articulates our customers’ ideas and our areas of expertise, which are the machining of steel from coils to finished steel sections and components,” explains Bjørn Thorsen, and concludes:


“If the market embraces this with the same enthusiasm as our employees have, then we’ll have good reason to be pleased.”


To help implement the new concept, Ib Andresen Industri has produced a new group video, a new website and much more besides.