The roll-forming department in Langeskov has once again collaborated with FH Automation on a solution, this time for the company’s brand-new roll-forming line, which is being installed at the end of spring.  Even before the acquisition of the robot cell, the roll-forming line was state of the art, and the new cell will raise the company’s ambitions even further.


“It’s no secret that our strategy involves increasing the degree of automation of our machines. And just like our previous investments, this is exactly what the new robot cell supports,” says Morten Rasmussen, production manager at the roll-forming department at Ib Andresen Industri, adding:


“There is also a strategic aspect in the fact that we’re collaborating with FH Automation. They supplied the last robot cell we purchased, so they’re very familiar with our roll set-up. It also means that the user interface is the same, which will shorten the running-in period and make life easier for our operators.”


Standing robots

Unlike the most recent robot project in the roll-forming department, the two robots in the cell will not hang down from a gantry, but will stand on a floor-mounted rail.


“The reason for installing them on the floor is that they will be handling longer and considerably heavier steel profiles. The robot arms can each lift 180 kg, so when they are working together, they will be able to lift profiles weighing approximately 300 kg when taking the weight of the grippers into account,” says project manager Bo B. Larsen.


Like the other robot cell, the new cell will help to improve the working environment.


“The concept as a whole and the positive impact on employee well-being is the same for the two robot cells. The monotonous repetitive work involved in handling profiles – using cranes – has been dispensed with, which is only positive for our employees,” concludes Morten Rasmussen.