“The welding robot is fully automatic. Our sole task is make sure it has something to do. We have to fill it with steel components and packaging material every four hours, and it more or less does the rest by itself,” says an enthusiastic Morten Jensen, Welding Coordinator, Ib Andresen Industri.


“The brilliant part of it is that it will be part of a set-up with the press brake which bends the steel before welding. The reason for this was to avoid having to move the steel from one production hall to the another.”


Once the steel is finished and packaged, it is put to one side in a container, which is located next to the welding robot.  Once the container is full, it is sent to the customer.


“The big difference for the production process is the change to the logistical set-up and the fact that – unlike the old system – it is unmanned most of the day,” Morten Jensen says.


Over the past year, IB Andresen Industri has invested tens of millions of kroner in the area where the welding robot is installed. The other investments include a laser cutter with a storage tower for sheet metal and a press brake with a robot. Needless to say, both machines are fully automated.


When Ib Andresen Industri presented its most recent financial statements, the company announced that it will be investing hundreds of millions of kroner in increased capacity, automation and digitisation over the next few years.