“By closely collaborating with EffiMat, we helped develop a new drawer for its ClassicMat concept. Our R&D Department contributed its extensive know-how for the selection of steel grades and optimised the drawer design. As a result, we’ve now entered into a partnership for the delivery of the drawers,” explains Søren Eriksen, Sales Manager, Ib Andresen Industri.


Regarding this partnership, Morten Eeg, Head of Supply Chain, EffiMat Storage Technology, says, “Ib Andresen Industri is one of our biggest suppliers. This is due in part to their flexible and solution-oriented approach, exemplified by the drawers. Also, they take responsibility throughout the drawer’s value chain. This enables us to stay focused on our production of the ClassicMat itself.”


Simplified drawer

The aim was to redesign and simplify the drawer, which has been hugely successful.

“We’ve simplified and optimised the product by focusing on design for manufacturing,” says Arne Kryger, R&D Manager, Ib Andresen Industri, explaining why it is also commercially viable:


“We simplified the process by eliminating a welding procedure and minimising the logistics, both of which shorten lead times considerably.”


The outcome of these innovative optimisations is that Ib Andresen Industri now supplies the drawers for the ClassicMat. Previously, the drawers were produced in Asia.


“Our innovative approach legitimises our existence in a fiercely competitive market. This cooperation shows we’re succeeding,” adds Søren Eriksen.


Future-oriented production

Ib Andresen Industri is currently turbocharging its automation and digitisation efforts.


“We want to develop along with our customers, which we do by investing in our manufacturing set-up, etc. For instance, we now have a new, fully automated fibre laser and press brake with robotic processing, which are perfect for manufacturing the drawers,” Søren Eriksen says.


He admits that cooperating with companies in Fyn’s robot cluster places increasingly rigorous demands on how Ib Andresen Industri develops, “But that’s good for us,” Søren Eriksen says.


It is in keeping with what Ib Andresen Industri announced when it presented its most recent financial statements. Here, the company announced that it will be investing hundreds of millions of kroner in increasing its capacity, automation and digitisation over the next few years.