We have a good reputation in the UK, where especially the quality of our work is sought after. In fact, so sought after   that many of our customers want to expand their cooperation with us,” says Sales Manager Lars Bohnsen.


Large customers NiftyLift and the English department of ACO have both turned up the order volume, and it is not only because of the quality explains Lars Bohnsen:


"We tailor solutions to our customers, where the entire value chain is carefully considered. And the extra responsibility we take will ultimately simplify the work of our customers”.


Stamp of approval

The good reputation also means that Ib Andresen Industri receives unsolicited inquiries. “For example, we have received a request for orders for a two-digit million amount. Whether we get the order, time will tell, but it is positive that a large English company has contacted us. This means that our name circulates among steel-consuming companies in the UK ".


But something you sense, Lars Bohnsen is even more proud of is that an old customer has introduced Ib Andresen Industri to a large German customer. “Boweld is a long-standing customer. A few years ago, they were bought by a German company. In this connection, Boweld gave us a huge stamp of approval of our work by introducing us to their new owner, which we are supplying today”.


“But recognitions and reputation alone are not enough. We will not get complacent. As I once told we have traveled several miles on the British roads chasing orders. We cannot underestimate the value of that work, because it has also helped us get to where we are today”, Lars Bohnsen ends.


With BREXIT ahead, nothing is certain, but with the increased volumes for the UK market, some optimism is nevertheless experienced.