LINAK is not a new customer. Over the past 14 years, we have manufactured a model of LINAK’s three-sectioned inline columns for their height-adjustable furniture. The new aspect of our collaboration is that we will now be manufacturing two additional models, which were previously manufactured in Eastern Europe,” explains Anders T. Hansen, Key Account Manager, Ib Andresen Industri.


Ib Andresen Industri made a targeted effort to optimise its machinery to manufacture these models. This resulted in better-looking, more uniform and higher-quality products than those previously delivered to LINAK from eastern Europe. Optimising the models has enabled them to be more efficiently included in the production process at LINAK. Dialogue has been essential to the success of this process.


Synergy raises the bar

By also involving AKK Industri, another Danish supplier to LINAK, as well as machinery manufacturers and toolmakers in the project, Ib Andresen Industri quickly achieved the desired results.


The potential and capacity of our machinery depend on our ability to use the available knowledge around us. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses enables us to exploit what we are good at and seek new challenges in areas where we need to develop. This collaboration enables us to achieve more, and to achieve it faster than we could have done otherwise,” Anders T. Hansen notes with satisfaction.


The synergy generated by this inter-company collaboration has been crucial for its success.


“The advantage of working with Danish suppliers is the potential synergy, and this can only be achieved through local embedding. We have the same consistent understanding and approach to our tasks as Ib Andresen Industri.


And the short distance between us means that we can get together from one day to the next. The fact that our collaboration also underpins our vision of retaining jobs in Denmark is another asset,” states Finn Lausten, Purchase Manager for the Deskline Division at LINAK.


A modern supplier

Ib Andresen Industri manifests this close collaboration by serving as the customer’s extended production unit.


Deriving maximum benefit from working together requires an efficient logistics set-up. This enables us to supply the products exactly when LINAK needs them. This reduces their need to stock the goods, which takes time and costs money.


Logistics is a natural component of the entire package offered by Ib Andresen Industri and an important part of the agreement entered into with LINAK.


It is also environmentally beneficial to bring the task back to Denmark from Eastern Europe. It significantly reduces carbon emissions, partly because the distance involved in transportation is significantly shorter and partly because Denmark is a pioneering country in terms of eco-friendly measures.


The collaboration improves Ib Andresen Industri’s financial situation by adding a sizeable sum in the double-digit millions to its annual turnover.


Please direct any questions to Anders T. Hansen, Key Account Manager, on tel. (+45) 2544 6034.