“With the S700 enhancement of our EN 1090 certification, we can now offer to weld high-strength steel in-house, which provides several advantages,” explains Lars Bohnsen, who continues:


“It shortens our lead times and makes us more flexible. Specifically, we have a customer who before had to weld the sectional steel that we delivered before they could forward the steel to their assembly department. Today, we deliver these parts welded, saving the company an internal welding process.” 


Ib Andresen Industri will also bring the S700 welds into play in other customer relationships instead of outsourcing it to subcontractors as previously. Similarly, new customers will be able to benefit too.


Welding is a priority

According to Quality Manager Peter Sylow Madsen, the organisation is well equipped to weld high-strength steel: “The upgrade of the EN-1090 certification reflects the market demand, for which we – together with our welding organisation comprising IWE and IWS skills and an NDT level 3 organisation – adapt and develop our welding systems and welding skill set.”


“The initiatives of recent years are in keeping with our welding strategy and generally illustrate the high priority that we give to welding.”


In addition to EN1090-2 exc. 3, Ib Andresen Industri is also certified to ISO 3834-2.


The digital twin

In the past, it was time-consuming to put new welding items into production. A new fixture had to be developed, tested, adapted and re-tested before the fixture was ready.


“In the past, it could easily take almost a whole workweek to construct a workable fixture for new complicated welding pieces,” says Teddy Neuhaus, Welding Coordinator at Ib Andresen Industri. Project Manager Morten Jensen adds:


“Today we can use a software, which digitally tests the fixture as soon as we have made a drawing of it. We save a lot of time and eliminate production stoppages during the running-in process.”


This type of software is called the digital twin simply because it simulates tests as if they were real.


This makes Ib Andresen Industri well prepared for the future of welding, where digital possibilities, certifications, and skills form a synthesis.