“We’re delighted to collaborate with Caljan. This rapidly developing company is experiencing strong growth, and we’re proud to contribute to their products and solutions. It clearly demonstrates that we have some abilities and a set-up that appeal to the market,” says Thomas W. Nørholm, Sales Manager, Steel Solutions, Ib Andresen Industri.


At Caljan, Frank Lindner-Lassen, Group Logistics, is also pleased with the expanded collaboration, “The agreement is strategically important to us. We’re transitioning from having only one supplier of our sectional steel for Performer to two. Ib Andresen Industri was the obvious choice, as they are already supplying sectional steel to our Latvian subsidiary where our Classic telescopic belt conveyors are manufactured.”


The agreement and widened collaboration mean that Ib Andresen Industri will also manufacture sectional steel for Caljan’s Performer telescopic belt conveyors, manufactured in Denmark and Latvia.


Close cooperation

“Our deliveries to Latvia prove our worth. It was a prerequisite for the finalisation of the new agreement. The requirements for the new sectional steel which we must bend, etc., have become more rigorous because of the requirements imposed on sectional steel for Latvia. It also required us to work very closely with one another in the initial phase,” Thomas W. Nørholm says.


Frank Lindner-Lassen adds, “We deployed our quality coordinator Kent Jahns for on-site training at Ib Andresen Industri’s production facility so we could address any challenges as they arise. It’s been very beneficial.”


From steelworks to delivery

In addition to the QA package and the actual machining of the steel – which includes laser cutting, threading and bending – Ib Andresen Industri is also responsible for procuring the materials.


“Our steel know-how enables us to take control of the material throughout the process from acquiring it from the steelworks to delivery at Caljan. Throughout the process, we ensure that the documentation and quality are OK. Caljan doesn’t have not worry about these aspects. They can focus on assembling their Performers,” Thomas W. Nørholm says.