We choose to invest in a new ERP system for several reasons. Our current ERP system is from a time where the then potential by no means can be compared to the possibilities that the IT solutions offers today. In order to utilise the new possibilities, an investment like this is necessary”.


In addition to that, we want a higher degree of uniformity across the company’s business areas. This will raise the synergy effect in everyday life, including our data flow and efficiency. These are important parameters in our striving towards increasing the value for our selves and – more importantly – our costumers”, says Bjørn Thorsen, CEO at Ib Andresen Industri. 


Thorough preliminary work 

After thorough examination of the market in regard to the possibilities within ERP solutions, we have decided to use IFS”, says Frank Kjær, IT Manager at Ib Andresen Industri.


There are several reasons for choosing IFS, Frank Kjær explains: “By examining our use cases, which the IFS solutions have been demonstrated on, IFS seems to be the match that we have been searching for in relation to bringing all our business processes together. The IFS system gives a clear hope of improving and automatising our daily processes through a modern and user-friendly solution.


The IFS solution is to be implemented in collaboration with the consulting firm Curit. About the collaboration, Peter Bering, Project Manager at Curit, says: “We are excited about carrying through this journey with Ib Andresen Industri and we see a very good match between this type of business on one hand and our competences for project producing companies together with IFS Applications on the other hand”.


If the implementation progress as planned, the new ERP system will replace the old system during the first six months of 2023.


Image / CEO Bjørn Thorsen (left) and IT Manager Frank Kjær (right).