Cut to Length

Our Steel Services Centers provides cut to length of steel, and - as with coil slitting - we can supply steel sheet metal in all common grades of steel, including HSS.


We also provide the cut to length of materials with delicate surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminium, pre-coated metal and tinplate.


For the delivery of sheet steel and metal of standard dimensions we stipulate no requirements, but supply sheet metal with the dimensions and in the quantity specified by you.


Capability - Cut to Length

 No of cut to length lines


 Sheet thickness, mm

 0,4 - 16

 Sheet widths, mm (max.)

 200 - 2.150

 Sheet lengths, mm (min.)

 200 - 18.000


In collaboration with you, we determine the requirements for the cut to length, packaging, storage and delivery. Together, we find the solution that meets your needs.


For more coil cutting specifications, you are welcome to read our Technical Information guidelines.


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