Bending sheet metal

We manufacture both simple and complex sheet steel and metal components and profiles on our press brakes according to your specifications. Our machinery is able to bend large sheet metal and steel plates - up to 14.4 m in length.


Take a digital walk by our largest press brake with a robot.


Capability: Bending

  Number of systems


  Thickness of the material, mm (max.)


  Length, mm (max.)


  Compression force, tonnes (max.)



What is bending of sheet metal used for?

You know bent steel from grain silos, tipper bodies for trucks, internals for wind turbines and facades of buildings.


Bending can in other words be used for a number of tasks where steel is a part of the overall solution.


The result is ultimately complex and unique steel components and profiles that can be included directly into your assembly line or on-site.


What is edge bending?

Edge bending is a way to bend and process steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and metal sheets. The sheet metal are bent in a press brake.


Each press brake is equipped with replaceable upper and lower tools with different radii and shapes. It is between these two tools that the sheet metals are bent. It is possible to bend one sheet several times depending on the design.


The sheet metals are typically processed before bending. For example, there may be different hollow patterns. For that, we e.g. include laser cutting.


We have both highly skilled workforce and advanced robots to bend steel and metal.


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