Laser Cutting

Laser cutting sheet metal is the best-suited technology for manufacturing complex sheet contours with advanced perforation patterns and fine tolerances.


By laser cutting, you get processed steel with high precision. Thereby your steel components are exactly as you want them to be.


Along with the use of laser, we also offer our experience and competencies.


Capability: Laser Cutting

  Number of systems


 Thickness of the material, mm (max.)


  Length, mm (max.)


  Width, mm (max.)



What is laser cutting used for?

You know laser cut steel from grain silos, footboard for light rail platform, and internals for wind turbines.


Laser cutting of sheet metal is used for a wide range of tasks, typically included in a larger solution, where other services also are provided. For example, bending.


The result is complicated and unique steel profiles and components, which are included directly in your assembly line or on-site.


What is laser cutting?

It is a way to process sheet metal with laser to get the shape and design you want according to the construction, the steel profiles eventually are included in.


Laser cutter can handle ordinary sheets of steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals. The size of the sheet a laser cutter can handle depends on the size of the operating table the cutter has. Our largest table is 2.5 x 12 meters.


To generate the laser beam, there are different technologies, including fiber laser and CO2 laser. A nozzle ensures that the laser beam is accurate and within the tolerances. The latest laser cutter can even replace these laser nozzles by itself.


The setup and technology of laser cutters today are so advanced that the machine themselves can read drawings from customers, calculate the course and communicate the time of delivery.


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