Roll Forming

We have at our disposal modern technology that allows us to produce even highly complex steel solutions with many possible cross-section profiles and very small tolerances.


Our systems enable us to integrate processes such as punching, laser welding, bevelling, chamfering, cogging, etc.


Take a digital walk at our largest roll forming line.


Capability: Roll Forming

  Number of systems


  Number of eccentric presses


  No. of punching centres


  Thickness of the material, mm

  0.25 - 7.0

  Strip width, mm

  20 - 1,000

  Section length

  150 - 16,000


What is roll forming used for?

You know roll form shaped steel and metal from mounting systems in solar parks, height adjustable lifting column for desks, drywall steel framing, linear drain system, scaffolding etc.


Roll forming can be used in many more situations where steel is part of the solution. The method is effective in larger series with uniform profiles.


What is roll forming?

It is a method where you shape a long band of steel (slit strips) through a line of cassettes to shape the strip into customized steel profiles. A roll forming line is typically made up by several processes.


The line starts with an uncoiler, from which the slit strip has its entry to the line. The steel strip runs through a servo press. The press is equipped with a punching tool, which pre-punch the steel profile design as prescribes. The tool is unique and different from customer to customer.


Next step is the shaping of the steel. This happens gradually as it runs through the cassettes. The number of cassettes also depends on the design of the steel profile. Our most advanced line has capacity for 40 cassettes.


For the end of the line, a flying cut-off unit cuts the steel profiles according to required dimension. After that the finished profiles enters the run-out table. Here a robot handles the steel profiles into boxes or pallets ready for delivery.


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