This page provides you with our logo, pamphlets and photos.


If you would like to read about news relating to our company, you can click on this link, which will take you to our news overview.


Use of our name

The correct way to use our company name is “Ib Andresen Industri” or “Ib Andresen Industri A/S”.


The following are not the correct use of our name: IB Andresen Industri, Ib Andresen, Ib Andreasen Industri, Ib Andresen Industry or any other formulations, which are not one of the two options specified above.

Under logos you will find four variations of our logo - both as JPG and PNG as well as in primary and secondary versions.

In the gallery you will find pictures of the management, employees and the production. When using these images, Ib Andresen Industri must be credited.

Under Downloads you will find brochures and other technical documents which are freely available for download.