Thereby we increase our capacity to serve our customers even better and at the same time we can take on more projects. "We are busy, and this also applies to our group of large laser cutting machines, where the time has now come to expand capacity and technology," says Thomas H. Agergaard, Head of Operations Steel Solutions:


"In the short term the investment will increase the capacity of larger laser-cut steel parts, while in the long term it supports our growth goals."


In addition to the new machine for the group of large laser cutters, Ib Andresen Industri already has two large laser machines in that group, which can process workpieces of 8 and 12 meters respectively.


15 KW Bystronic ByStar 8025 Fiber Laser

With the investment, Ib Andresen Industri gets a state-of-the-art fiber laser, which can laser cut in thicknesses of up to 50 mm.


"The new laser cutter stands out compared to our two existing ones in that it uses fiber technology and not CO2. The two existing CO2 lasers each have two laser heads, while the new one only has one. But that does not mean that it is less effective, as the fiber laser technology is much faster than a traditional CO2 laser," says Jan V. Aarosiin, Technical Supporter at Ib Andresen Industri.


The fiber laser cutter also excels in being able to adjust the focal length itself, depending on the material and plate thickness, and then replacement and centering of the nozzle takes place automatically. This makes changeover times significantly shorter.


Photo / From left to right: Ricko Lauritsen, Operator, Glenn S. Florczak, Operator, Jan V. Aarosiin, Technical Supporter, Thomas H. Agergaard, Head of Operations Steel Solutions, Palle Høi, Operator.