CEO Bjørn Thorsen comments on the latest financial year:


"In the past financial year, we have experienced high growth in our activities. This has happened across all our segments. The increased activity is the reason we can present a historically good year with a turnover that has grown by DKK 545 million. DKK [compared to the financial year 2020/21] to DKK 1,826 million. DKK with a profit of DKK 150 million. DKK before tax as a result. In other words, the accounts are satisfactory".


"In addition, we can look back on a year where there has been positive progress in the ongoing implementation of our new ERP system. A system we expect to finally put into use in the calendar year 2023.”


"The goal to offer our customers sustainable alternatives to their current solutions by 2022 at the latest has been achieved. Already at the end of 2021, we had the first dialogues, and it culminated just before we went on summer vacation, when we got the first order for greener steel".


As a result of the good annual accounts, Ib Andresen Industri A/S has been able to reward its employees with a bonus equivalent to one and a half months' salary.


Inflation, interest rate increases and uncertainty


Bjørn Thorsen says about the expectations for the current financial year:

"The high inflation, the central banks' interest rate increases, the war in Ukraine and a possible recession create uncertainty, but with the spread in the group's customer portfolio, we expect to be able to mitigate the effect of a possible recession".