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    Aarsleff A/S

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Your idea was to make large, complex infrastructure projects possible


We provide a unique logistics setup always ready to supply masts, suspension systems, and overhead wires from day to day.


How we help Per Aarsleff A/S

We deliver masts and overhead wires to the electrification of 1,300 km Danish railway system. We fulfill the function as both production unit as well as logistics center for Per Aarsleff A/S.


As a production unit we weld, among other things, mountings to the masts. The placements of these mountings vary from mast to mast. At the logistics center, we stock and assemble about 1,000 part numbers, and together with the masts we pack mounting kits exactly according to the specification of a given section on a daily basis.


The consignments take place just-in-time enabling Per Aarsleff A/S to start the assembly work when the railway section closes at night.


The services we provide include welding, kit packing, logistics, and on-site just-in-time delivery.