• Path to a 95% reduction
    in carbon emissions


We’re super keen to reduce our carbon emissions by 95%, and we have an action plan to make this happen.


In 2023, electricity accounted for 56% of our total carbon emissions. We are exploring the possibility of entering a Power Purchase Agreement, installing solar cell panels on the roofs of our buildings, or a combination of both.


In 2023, natural gas accounted for 21% of our total carbon emissions. We will replace natural gas with heat pumps. This journey began back in 2021, when we reduced our total carbon emissions by roughly 209,000 kg.


In 2023, GTL Fuel accounted for 7% of our total carbon emissions. When it becomes possible, we will replace the last heavy-duty vehicles with electric alternatives. But for now, we’ve swapped traditional diesel for GTL Fuel.


In 2023, our company cars accounted for 7% of our total carbon emissions. We updated our car policy in 2021 so that, in the future, we will assess whether our needs can be fulfilled with electric cars when ordering new cars.


In 2023, district heating accounted for 9% of our total carbon emissions. Fjernvarme Fyn will phase out coal while exploring the possibility of collecting, storing and using CO2.

Our goal: a 95% reduction

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