• Sheet Metal
    up to 14.4 m

Discover Superior Sheet Metal Bending Services at Ib Andresen Industri

Explore five compelling reasons to entrust us with bending your steel components, leveraging our industry-leading press braking services:

  • Extended Capabilities: We take pride in our ability to offer sheet metal bending up to 14.4 m - a feat only a handful of companies in Northern Europe can match. We transcend the standard limitations of many steel processing firms, which typically handle steel parts of up to 4 m.

  • Expertise and Quality: Our team of experienced operators bring to bear a high level of skill and expertise, ensuring premium quality in the bending of your steel components.

  • Ample Capacity: Our facility houses 12 state-of-the-art press brakes, accommodating both large and small steel workpieces. Two of these press brakes are robotically operated, while the remainder are manually handled by our specialist team, assuring personal attention and precision.

  • Comprehensive Bending Power: We handle workpieces of up to 40 mm, applying a pressing force of 1,400 t on our most robust press brakes. Our capabilities are designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Versatile Applications: Our sheet metal bending services accommodate a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. We cater to diverse shapes and sizes, reflecting the flexibility of our operations.

Trust Ib Andresen Industri for all your sheet metal bending needs - we bring precision, capacity, and versatility to every project.

Material thickness

max. 40 mm


max. 14.400 mm

Press power

max. 1.400 t


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Sheet metal bending - part of a larger concept

Our services extend beyond precision sheet metal bending. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that combine to deliver an all-encompassing solution for your metal processing needs.


Inclusive Expert Consulting: Our specialists provide in-depth advice to help streamline your metal processing operations.


Independent Steel Service Centre: Equipped with advanced slitting and cut-to-length services, we facilitate efficient and accurate processing of your steel coils.


Complete Sheet Metal Processing: From bending to punching and welding, our comprehensive suite of processes ensures all your sheet metal needs are met under one roof.


Precision Roll Forming: Our roll forming services offer superior shape control and dimensional consistency, catering to complex design requirements.


Reliable Logistics and Timely Delivery: We manage the logistics for you, ensuring your metal products reach their destination on time, every time.


Sustainable Value Chain: Our operations are designed with a greener value chain in mind, promoting sustainable manufacturing practices.


Devoted Project Management and Customer Centre: We assign dedicated project managers to oversee your orders, guaranteeing personalised attention and seamless communication.


Customised Quality Assurance: We tailor our quality assurance measures to meet your specific standards, ensuring you receive products that match your exact requirements.


To understand how our comprehensive service concept can add value to your operations, click here.


Delve deeper into our one-stop solution for all your metal processing needs at Ib Andresen Industri.



The Multifaceted Uses of Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending, a crucial process in the metal fabrication industry, is utilized to shape a variety of metals, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, into desired forms. This technique is instrumental in transforming flat sheets of metal into specific shapes and sizes, thereby fulfilling diverse requirements across a range of sectors.


From the automotive industry, where it helps shape parts for vehicles, to the construction sector, where it forms building materials, and the electronics industry, where it molds casings and enclosures, sheet metal bending serves myriad purposes. Furthermore, this process is essential in creating household appliances, HVAC systems, aircraft parts, and more.


At its core, sheet metal bending ensures precision, enabling the production of custom components with high accuracy. The versatility of this process facilitates the creation of a wide array of products, making it an indispensable tool in manufacturing. Explore the transformational capabilities of sheet metal bending at Ib Andresen Industri today.

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