Throughout 2023, we achieved a 25% reduction of our energy consumption in our CO2 footprint compared to 2022, leading to a total reduction of 46% since 2018.


This progress was partially driven by transitioning to LED lighting across 11 halls and the addition of four heat pumps, moving away from gas boilers.


The shift to LED lighting, a gradual process over several years, has led to a 10% decrease in electricity usage since 2018.


Similarly, the adoption of heat pumps has cut our natural gas consumption by half since 2018. To date, Ib Andresen Industri has installed 17 heat pumps.


Further Efforts: 14 More Heat Pumps

We plan to install 14 more heat pumps this year, anticipating further CO2 emission reductions in our next update.


It's noteworthy that this year, the larger portion of our CO2 reduction came from an increased supply of green electricity from our power providers.


Photo / Energy and Environmental Manager Kasper D. Rasmussen