• Welding


We use advanced robots for welding. These robots, paired with our expertise in manual welding, enables us to handle a diverse range of customer requests.


We are certified in ISO 3834-2 and DS-EN 1090-2 EXC 3. This means that we can provide weldings of up to s700.


For larger series, we can utilize our 7-axis robot for welding. This results in great uniformity and precision.


MAG (135) is our primary welding method, but we are also experienced with TIG.


max. 9.000 mm


max. 1.100 mm

Height max. 550 mm

Element weight

max. 500 kg


Our welding workshop has a crain capacity of up to 10 tons.


Our internal welding organization, consisting of IWE, IWS and NDT level 3, adjust and develope our welding systems continuosly.

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