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Why choose our roll forming services?

Explore how our roll forming services make a difference below:

  • In-House Coil Slitting Facility: We not only slit coils into coiled strips but also store both coils and sheet metal, thus enhancing the reliability and flexibility of your steel profile supply chain.

  • Efficient Production: Our team offers valuable insights and recommendations to enhance the manufacturability of your products. Additionally, we provide the option to stock finished steel profiles, supporting cost-effective, large-batch production.

  • Modern Roll Forming Plant: Our diverse range of roll forming lines, operated by experienced professionals, can handle steel profiles of all types – big or small, simple or complex. See capabilities below.

  • Automation Emphasis: We are consistently enhancing our roll forming plant, focusing on both upgrading existing lines and introducing new ones. Our primary goal is to increase automation levels.

  • One-stop Shopping: We handle your steel profile's entire value chain, from the steel mill to manufacturing, with additional third-party services and delivery. We guarantee just-in-time delivery to your production line or on-site.

Our roll forming capabilities:

Material thickness:

 0.25 - 7.0 mm

Band width:

 20 - 1,000 mm

Length of steel profiles:

 150 - 16,000 mm






Roll forming services - part of a value-creating concept

Our approach extends beyond roll forming services. It involves co-engineering, an independent steel service center, advanced sheet metal processing, dependable logistics, and precision delivery. We also prioritize sustainability through our value chain, and employ dedicated project management and robust quality assurance to exceed your expectations. Discover more about our comprehensive approach here.

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Roll forming line manufacturing steel profiles seen from above


The Benefits of Roll Forming in Steel Manufacturing

In the diverse landscape of steel manufacturing, roll forming stands out as an effective and highly adaptable process. Offering a host of benefits, roll forming is an excellent choice for creating precise, high-quality steel profiles for various industrial applications.

  • Efficiency and Consistency: Roll forming is a continuous process, enhancing efficiency as large quantities of steel can be processed in a shorter time. This automated procedure ensures consistent output, creating identical pieces again and again, ensuring uniformity across all steel profiles.

  • Diversity: Roll forming can handle a wide array of metal types, thicknesses, and widths, making it suitable for many applications across different sectors. The process can be precisely controlled, allowing the creation of complex profiles that might be challenging with other methods.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The roll forming process minimizes waste, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the high production speed and lower labor requirements lead to significant cost savings, particularly for large-scale projects.

  • Durability and Strength: Roll forming can enhance the strength and durability of the final product. The process induces work hardening in the material, which can increase the strength of the formed sections.

  • Optimized Material Usage: Roll forming allows for an exact material usage as the process involves a pre-calculated strip width, reducing the chances of surplus material. This enhances efficiency and reduces waste, contributing to a more sustainable production process.

In summary, roll forming is an advantageous method for the production of steel profiles due to its efficiency, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and its potential to increase the strength of the final product. Opting for roll forming services can provide a competitive edge in the fast-paced steel industry. Trust in the capabilities of roll forming for your steel manufacturing needs.

Narrow coils ready for coil feeder at the start of a roll forming line


The Roll Forming Process - From Steel Strip to Precision Profiles

Roll forming, a leading method in the manufacturing industry, masterfully transforms raw metal or steel strips into precise, custom profiles. Let's take a step-by-step look at this highly efficient process:

  • Material Input via Coil-Feeder: The roll forming process begins with a coil feeder that uncoils a flat strip of metal, typically steel. This serves as the foundational material for the creation of precision final products.

  • Pre-Punching of Holes: At an appropriate stage, designated holes are punched into the flat metal strip. This pre-punching operation allows for intricate design details to be incorporated even before the shaping process begins.

  • Staging and Preparation: Following this, the punched strip is methodically guided through a series of roller die stations. Each station incrementally shapes the metal, gradually forming the final profile.

  • Progressive Shaping: As the strip advances through the roll forming line, it is progressively bent by each successive set of rolls, further refining its shape and enhancing its structural integrity.

  • Welding: After the roll forming process, welding can be performed to join separate pieces together or enhance structural stability, depending on the design requirements. This adds another layer of strength and customization to the final product.

  • Cut-off and Completion: Once the profile reaches its desired shape and any necessary welding is completed, the roll formed strip is cut off to specified lengths. The result is a meticulously crafted, sturdy, and tailor-made metal profile, primed for its intended use.

Used in a myriad of applications - from the construction and automotive sectors to solar energy and appliance manufacturing - roll forming is recognized for its versatility, precision, and efficiency. It offers high-quality profiles tailored to your unique specifications.

Roll formed steel profiles for solar projects being transported

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