• Roll Forming

Roll Forming

Roll forming with modern machinery gives us the opportunity to form very complicated steel elements. This, along with small cross section cutting tolerances, also enables us to provide many different options.



Material thickness

0,25 - 7,0 mm

Band width

20 - 1.000 mm

Element length

150 - 16.000 mm


At our roll forming facilities, we have the option to integrate processes like punching, laser welding, bevelling, chamering and cogging etc.

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What is roll forming?

Roll forming is a method used to shape metal elements, where a long strip of metal is processed through a series of rolling mill stands.


A roll forming production line usually consistst of additional processes, other than the roll forming itself. Eg. punching - here a metal strip is led through an eccentric press which is equipped with a punching tool. This tool is specific to each customer. It punches a series of custom holes as per the customer's specifications before arriving at the rolling mill stands.


After the above-mentioned process, the forming of the metal begins. Slowly but surely the metal is shaped as it passes through the different rolling mill stands. The number of rolling mill stands, which the metal has to pass through, is dependent on the specific design of the element. Our most advanced roll forming line has the capacity to utilize 40 mill stands.


At the end of the line the metal is cut to the specified length. The final elements are packaged by a robot and prepared for delivery.


What is roll forming used for?

Roll forming is typically used for steel and metal in the solar cell industry, for height adjustable tables, as steel skeletons in wall partitions and for scaffolding.


Roll forming can be used in several contexts, as long as steel or metal is part of the final solution. The method is esepecially effective for serial production of uniform elements.

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