• Laser Cutting Services

Why choose us for laser cutting services?

  • XL Sheet Metal Capacity: Our laser cutting machines feature cutting tables that can handle large metal sheets, up to 12,000 mm in length and 2,500 mm in width, accommodating extensive project requirements.

  • 15 kW Laser Technology: Equipped with 7 cutting-edge machines, including both fiber and CO2 lasers, our newest addition boasts a powerful 15 kW performance, ensuring precision and efficiency.

  • Intelligent Nesting Approach: Our skilled workforce utilizes advanced nesting software, combined with expert know-how, to optimize sheet metal utilization during laser cutting, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency.

  • The Coil Concept: Our laser-cut steel sheet potential is not limited to the cutting table's size. Thanks to our integrated steel service center, we can process sheets larger than standard dimensions, fully leveraging our large cutting tables' capabilities.

  • Broad Cutting Capability: Our ability to laser cut materials up to 30 mm, coupled with our large cutting tables, allows us to produce large, robust steel components for a variety of applications.


Our laser cutting capabilities:

Material thickness: 
Regular steel: 
Stainless steel: 

 max. 30 mm
 max. 25 mm
 max. 12 mm


 max. 12,000 mm


 max. 2,500 mm








Laser Cutting - A Part of a Bigger Picture

Beyond laser cutting, we offer a comprehensive concept that includes specialized consulting, an independent steel service center with slitting and cut-to-length services, complete solutions in sheet metal working, roll forming, dependable logistics and delivery, a greener value chain, dedicated project management and customer service, and customized quality assurance. Discover more about our complete concept.


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Our newest laser cutting machine features a 15 kW laser beam


What is laser cutting? An expert guide to precision steel processing

Laser cutting stands as a premier method for processing sheet metal and plates, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency. Utilising advanced laser technology, this process cuts and shapes products to meet exact specifications, aligning seamlessly with customer requirements.


Versatile material handling with our advanced laser cutting machines

Our state-of-the-art laser cutting machines are adept at handling a diverse range of materials. From aluminium and robust steel plates to the finesse of stainless steel, our technology ensures precision cutting across various mediums.


Maximising potential with large-scale cutting tables

The capability of laser cutting is closely tied to the dimensions of the cutting table. Our largest cutting table, spanning an impressive 2.5 x 12 meters, is designed to accommodate substantial sheet metal and plates, enabling large-scale projects with ease.


The ideal applications for laser cutting: from large orders to unique designs

Laser cutting is exceptionally versatile, ideally suited for large-scale orders that demand additional services like bending. The process excels in producing complex and unique steel components, integral to assembly lines or specific on-site applications.


Laser cutting in action: transforming industries with precision

Our laser cutting expertise extends to various industries, playing a pivotal role in manufacturing silos, running boards, and internal components for the windmill sector. This technique is celebrated for its precision, efficiency, and adaptability in diverse industrial applications.

Dinosaurs created using laser cutting

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