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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting at Ib Andresen Industri

Five good reasons to choose laser cutting at Ib Andresen Industri:

  • ​XL sheet metal: The cutting tables on the laser cutting machines define how large the metal sheets can be. At Ib Andresen Industri, we have cutting tables of up to 12,000 mm in length and 2,500 mm in width.

  • 15 kW laser: We have 7 machines for laser cutting (both fiber and CO2 lasers), the newest has a performance of 15 kW. Read more about that investment here.

  • Intelligent nesting: Our workforce uses intelligent nesting software combined with know-how, which ensures optimal utilization of the sheet metal during laser cutting.

  • The coil concept: The potential size of laser-cut steel sheet is not only dependent on the size of the cutting table of the laser machines, it is also dependent on larger sheets than the standard dimensions. With an integrated steel service center, we can cut sheets in sizes that utilize the potential of our large cutting table.

  • Broad capability: We can laser cut up to 40 mm and combined with a large cutting table we can produce large and strong steel components.

Material thickness

Regular steel
Stainless steel


max. 30 mm
max. 25 mm
max. 12 mm


max. 12.000 mm


max. 2.500 mm


Laser cutting - part of a larger concept

In addition to laser cutting, our concept also includes specialized consulting, independent steel service center with slitting and cut-to-length services, the whole package in sheet metal working, roll forming, reliable logistics and delivery, greener value chain, dedicated project management and customer center and customized quality assurance.


Learn more about the concept here.

Read more about laser cutting below or contact one of our sales managers.

What is Laser Cutting? 

Laser cutting is a method for processing steel plates. A laser is used to precisely cut and shape products to exact specifications in accordance with the customers' requirements.


Our laser cutting machines can cut aluminium, steel plates and stainless steel. 


The maximum size of the metal plates depends on the size of the specific machine's cutting table. Our biggest cutting table can handle 2,5 x 12 meters.


What is Laser Cutting best suited for?

Laser cutting can be used for different tasks. It is however mostly used for large orders, where other services are also needed e.g. bending.


The final results are complicated and unique steel elements, which is then part of our customers' assembly lines or used for on-site purposes.


Furthermore, laser cutting is known for being used in silos, running boards and for internals in the windmill industry.

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