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Why Choose Sheet Metal Punching for the Manufacturing of Steel Parts?

We offer turret punching as a service for creating customer-specific steel parts. The benefits of the turret punching method are numerous:

  • High Production Speed: Turret punching enables the rapid production of steel parts, enhancing efficiency and significantly reducing production time.

  • Design Flexibility: This method is highly versatile, suitable for manufacturing a broad range of designs, from simple to complex geometric shapes.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: When compared to other metalworking methods, such as laser cutting, turret punching can be more economical, particularly for large production volumes.

  • Uniform Quality: Punching ensures a high level of uniformity and consistency in steel components, essential for many industrial applications.

  • Minimal Material Waste: Efficient material usage with this method leads to less waste, thereby reducing costs and environmental impact.

  • High Strength and Durability of Steel Parts: Punched steel parts maintain the integrity of the metal, avoiding heat-affected zones typical in laser cutting, plasma cutting, etc., resulting in highly durable and strong components.

  • Suitable for Large Production Runs: Turret punching is ideal for mass production due to its relatively low setup time and the ability to automate the process.

  • Reduced Processing Time for Complex Steel Parts: This method allows for quicker production of complex steel geometries than many alternative processes.

  • Customization to Specific Customer Needs: The method facilitates precise tailoring of parts to meet customer specifications and requirements.

Our Capabilities in Turret Punching:

Material Thickness: 

Max. 8 mm


Max. 4,300 mm


Max. 1,565 mm

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What is Turret Punching?

Turret punching is an innovative and efficient technique for processing metal sheets, especially steel. This process is extensively used in the manufacturing industry to produce precise, uniform parts and components with high accuracy and quality.


But what exactly does turret punching involve?

Turret punching employs a turret punching machine, equipped with a rotating tool holder containing various punching tools. The machine drives these tools into the metal sheet to create holes, cutouts, or other desired shapes.


The distinct feature of turret punching is its ability to swiftly and efficiently switch between different punching tools. This capability enables the performance of various cutouts in a single work process.


One of the primary advantages of turret punching is its remarkable speed and efficiency. The method facilitates the rapid processing of large volumes without sacrificing the quality of the final product. This efficiency is primarily due to the advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems, which precisely control the machine's movements.


Another essential aspect of turret punching is its versatility. The machine can be outfitted with an extensive range of punching tools, allowing the creation of diverse shapes and sizes in steel sheets. From straightforward circular holes to intricate patterns and designs, the turret punching machine can handle it all with notable precision.


Moreover, this method reduces waste by optimizing the use of materials and minimizes the necessity for manual post-processing.

Punching - Part of a Value-Creating Concept

Beyond punching, our concept also encompasses specialized consulting, an independent steel service centre with slitting and shearing facilities, a comprehensive suite in sheet metal processing and profile rolling, reliable logistics and delivery, a more sustainable value chain, dedicated project management and customer centre, and bespoke quality assurance. Discover more about our concept here.

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