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Our independent steel service center provides cut-to-length and coil slitting services

Explore why Ib Andresen Industri is a go-to provider for cut-to-length and coil slitting services:

  • Unparalleled Expertise: Our Steel Service Center boasts a team of specialists adept in the art of transforming large coils into cut-to-length sheet metal and precision slit steel strips, handling up to 30-tonne coils.

  • Capacity and Flexibility: Our comprehensive knowledge, combined with expansive capacity, guarantees that we meet the steel industry's demand for unparalleled quality, exceptional flexibility, and unwavering delivery reliability.

  • Customized Storage and Logistics: Beyond cut-to-length and coil slitting, we offer fully automated coil storage and create tailored storage and logistics solutions to suit your specific needs. You can also rely on us for stocking and shipping your cut-to-length sheet metal and slit steel strips directly to your customers.

  • Strategic Location: Our independent steel service center is strategically located in the heart of Northern Europe, in proximity to major ports, railways, and motorways. This advantageous location allows you to source steel from mills across the globe seamlessly.

  • Digital Transparency: Leveraging our innovative extranet solution, you gain instant online access to your inventory (coils, sheets, slit strips), orders, shipments, and more.

  • Complete Traceability: Rest assured, we provide complete traceability from the steel mill to the final product.

Our cut-to-length

Our coil slitting

Material Thickness:
0.4 - 16 mm

Material Thickness:
0.2 - 6.5 mm

Sheet/Plate Width:
200 - 2,150 mm

Coil Width
50 - 1,650 mm

Sheet/Plate Length
200 - 18,000 mm

Ring Width
min. 10 mm

Coil Weight
max. 30 t

Coil Weight
max. 30 t














Looking for top-quality cut-to-length and coil slitting services? Contact us for expert solutions.

In action Cut-to-length line for cutting steel sheets and plates


Understanding the role of an
independent steel service center

An Independent Steel Service Center like Ib Andresen Industri functions independently, implying that we are not affiliated with any steel mill or steel wholesaler.


Our business model allows us to cater to a broad spectrum of companies, provided their requirements align with our operational capacity.


Our longstanding independence has enabled us to successfully serve steel mills, wholesalers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) over the years.


Key point: As an independent steel service center, we do NOT engage in the sale of steel or metal materials, including coils, sheets, or steel strips. The materials we handle are customer-owned and sourced directly from steel mills by our customers.


Our core offerings revolve around value-added services for our customers' steel needs. These services include coil slitting, cut-to-length processing, coil and sheet metal storage, and comprehensive logistics solutions.


Trust in Ib Andresen Industri to process and manage your steel materials with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

Slitting tools on a manufacturing line are used to produce narrow coils from a master coil


Key steel processing techniques: cut-to-length and coil slitting

In the steel industry, two key processes ensure we can deliver the exact product our customers need: cut-to-length and coil slitting. These processes, performed at steel service centers like Ib Andresen Industri, are crucial in transforming raw steel coils into usable sheet metal, such as sheets, plates, or coiled strips, for various industries.



This process involves unrolling a large coil of steel, flattening it, and then cutting it into precisely measured sheets based on customer specifications. The cut-to-length method is the preferred choice when precise, flat sheets of steel are required, making it an essential procedure for industries that demand exact measurements and premium quality steel sheets.


Coil slitting:

Coil slitting, on the other hand, is a procedure where large steel coils are cut into narrower strips. A large master coil is unrolled and passed through sharp circular blades – known as slitter knives – positioned at the desired widths. The result is multiple smaller coils, each a strip of the original coil. These slit coils, or steel strips, are often used in applications where narrower widths are required, making this process vital for a diverse range of industries.


Whether you require precision cut-to-length sheet metal or coil slitting for narrower steel strips, trust Ib Andresen Industri. With our expertise and extensive capacity, we meet the steel industry's demands for superior quality, flexibility, and reliable delivery.

Narrow coils and steel strips are stored and ready for further processing as needed

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