A partnership that gets water to disappear, makes steel solutions smarter and revolves around dialogue


The ACO Group is a world leader in the field of linear drain systems and represents a holistic approach to professional drainage, cost-effective decontamination and controlled drainage, as well as water reuse. Its products include linear drain systems and gullies, oil and grease separators, back-flow systems and pumps, as well as watertight basement windows and its LightShaft gratings.


The majority of ACO’s linear drains are made of polymer concrete, supplemented with drain gratings in steel and other materials. The gratings are installed in line with each other, thus complementing the channels to form a drainage system.


We manufacture steel profiles for the linear drains. These steel gratings are laid on top of the channels, while ACO casts the rail profiles into the channels. These steel profiles reinforce the robustness of the polymer concrete, which is already a strong material in itself.


It is an ongoing challenge to make the steel profiles smarter in terms of functionality and design, as well as visually more appealing.


How we help ACO

ACO and Ib Andresen Industri cooperate closely in their efforts to constantly optimise the profiles, aiming to make better use of the steel involved. This cooperation has most recently seen us optimise the rail profile.


We have optimised the profile in every respect, reducing the volume of steel involved, while retaining the same strength.


This could only be achieved through close collaboration and using the joint know-how of the two companies.