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The value of trust


Boweld Truck Bodies produces light and robust tipper bodies in response to customer requirements. Light so that customers can put more weight in, and robust because heavy goods increase wear and tear.


This makes the choice of steel grade and logistics concept absolutely crucial in terms of quality and competitiveness. We are now working in partnership with Boweld Truck Bodies, both as a supplier and a brainstorming partner.


How we help Boweld Truck Bodies

We have a close, efficient and trusting partnership, where we supply the processed and shaped steel that is fitted over the chassis of the tipper bodies. The steel sections are supplied in kits together with all parts of the trailer body. All Boweld Truck Bodies needs to do is assemble everything.


The steel grade varies depending on the intended use of the tipper body. For example, wear-resistant steel is best for transporting stone, while high-strength steel is best for transporting lighter materials. Our knowledge of steel increases the durability of the tipper body.


In order for the partnership to work as effectively as possible, we also manage their coil stocks, which allows us to react quickly to their queries and introduces a huge amount of flexibility into the partnership.


This allows Boweld Truck Bodies to focus solely on its core expertise, i.e. assembling tipper bodies according to its customers’ wishes.