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Your idea was to create value through green transition


We provide a unique steel substructure shaped to make a positive contribution to the green value creation.


How we help European Energy

Through a constructive and creative dialogue, we have together developed a new modular system designed to lift both bifacial solar panels and the overall economy in the solar projects that European Energy facilitates.


In continuation of the R&D cooperation, we produce the steel profiles on our roll forming facilities. A technique which qua the scope of the projects is made for exactly this method of manufacture. 


On the roll forming facilities the steel profiles are punched, shaped and cut to the lengths agreed upon in one and the same process.


For the last two projects we processed 3,400 tonnes of steel equivalent to an output of 770,000 meters steel profiles.


The produced profiles are shipped directly on-site just-in-time no matter where in the world they are to be delivered.


We provide services including storing of coil, coil slitting, roll forming, and logistics such as on-site just-in-time deliveries.