• We want to be the preferred supplier of value-creating steel solutions in northern Europe


Over 50 years of history

Ib Andresen Industri tells the tale of a prosperous entrepreneur within the realm of modern industry.


Engineer Ib Andresen honed his professional skills and business acumen through a series of targeted activities, ultimately founding the company in 1967.


From a humble start of just four employees and a modest workspace, our company, then and now, has been dedicated to refining steel and metals as a trusted partner. Today, our operations span over 100,000 square meters with a workforce exceeding 500 employees.


Throughout the years, our growth has been steady. Shortly after our inception, we introduced the coil concept, which has since become the cornerstone of our Steel Service Center.


Our competencies in Steel Solutions have continually expanded, encompassing processes such as roll forming and sheet metal fabrication.


We've always recognised the pivotal role that our employees play in enhancing productivity and competitiveness. Our management has consistently prioritised fostering engagement among our workforce, a commitment we uphold to this day.


Through close collaborations with some of Europe's leading companies, we've evolved into an international supplier.


And, proudly, we remain a family-owned enterprise.

As the most widely used metal on earth

Steel has shaped much of our modern society. It is part of the infrastructure that ties cities together. The backbone of the buildings we live in. And essential for innovation that will shape our future.


Companies rely on steel to design long-lasting solutions for today and tomorrow. Yet they must navigate a reality where product life cycles shorten, and products become ever more complex. This means that designing, producing and assembling all product sub-parts becomes an increasingly demanding task.


That is why companies need a partner with the right set of skills and expertise, who can support them where needed in their value chain to reduce complexity, increase flexibility and enhance cost-efficiency.


Supplier of steel-based solutions

As supplier of steel-based solutions, we help companies go from idea to industrial reality.


We know how much of a solutions performance is determined already in the design phase and we realise how qualified products and process improvements can lead to long-lasting benefits.


That is why we design, process and shape steel in-house – and deliver the final products anywhere needed.


From decades of expertise and constant pursuit of designing more intelligent solutions, we have learned how to realise the full potential of steel for our customers.


To many, steel parts are just pieces in a product, but to us, it’s everything and all we do.

Learn more about our sheet metal services

Below is an overview of the services we provide at our machinery plant.

Steel Service Center

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Roll Forming