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Long-term collaboration brings benefits when new ideas are implemented without compromising on quality

Schmitz Cargobull is a world-leading manufacturer of trailers for goods vehicles. It can look back on many years of success, featuring a host of innovations. The company’s aim is to produce the best trailers and provide the best service. To this end, they are always looking for improvements to pass on to their customers.


In a joint development project, the challenge was to design and produce a visually elegant bumper of the highest quality.


How we help Schmitz Cargobull

The solution is a bumper made from high-strength steel. After roll-forming, the bumpers undergo three stages of surface treatment before application of the Schmitz logo, followed by delivery “just-in-time” to Schmitz Cargobull. The bumpers are then fitted to trailers in all their factories.


The three stages of surface treatment consist of galvanising, cathodic e-coating and powder coating. The purpose of galvanising is to protect the surfaces and edges of the machined steel. It is supplemented by cathodic e-coating, which adds a thin black finish, further strengthening the surface. The powder coating process is the final protection stage, where the bumpers’ white colour is added.


The net result is bumpers of a quality that ensures they remain durable for a long time to come. On other makes, this product often becomes corroded after a couple of years.


Schmitz Cargobull and Ib Andresen Industri have worked together for almost 20 years on development projects, which encompass many more than the one featured here.


The working language of this cooperation partnership is naturally German.